Who, What and Why

AAPA is the essential organization for the appraisal industry, representing both organizations and individual appraisal professionals. We believe true professionals—organized as a team—have the power to transform and improve our industry. Our passion is helping appraisal professionals achieve previously unimaginable levels of success. We do this by fostering a professional community of smart, creative, and engaged people—our members. In short, we are the premier organization for professional appraisal leadership.

The AAPA Standard

Members of the American Association of Professional Appraisers acknowledge their ethical obligations as AAPA professional real-estate appraisers, and as valued members of the business community. AAPA members are the industry’s best appraisers because they adhere to the AAPA Code of Ethics and promise the highest service quality, while protecting honesty and professionalism among members and across the appraisal industry.

AAPA Membership Tiers

  • Professional Appraisers – Professional Licensed Appraisers. ($275 annually)
  • Education Partners – Organizations that teach and train professional appraisers. ($500 annually)
  • AMC Members – Appraisal management companies. ($1,500 annually)
  • Associate Members – Non-industry companies who support professional appraisers. ($325 annually)
  • Institutional Members – Financial institutions committed to the industry’s integrity. ($500 annually)

AAPA memberships are annual, starting on acceptance date, and provide marketing value higher than the annual membership cost. Tax deductibility of membership fees should be discussed with your tax professional.


AAPA supports your day-to-day activities as a professional appraiser with benefits that enhance opportunities for success at every stage of your career. In addition to member tools, benefits, educational and financial resources, members save every day through “appraiser-approved” products and services. To begin enjoying AAPA benefits, please complete the membership application below.