Why Become an Appraiser?

Professional real-estate appraisers work in a coveted profession offering great employment prospects, healthy salaries, significant flexibility, and the ability to see the tangible results of hard work. The need for appraisers is on the rise. AAPA research suggests that significant opportunities will be available for professional appraisers over the next decade and beyond. As a professional appraiser, your earning potential is limited only by how hard you work.

AAPA can help you decide. Do you have the right skills to be an appraiser? Will the industry and appraisal work suit your temperament and lifestyle preferences? Learn about the skills you need to be a professional appraiser and whether you’ll enjoy serving property owners, sellers, and buyers and working in the industry.

AAPA helps you understand the requirements and processes to be a licensed professional appraiser in your state.

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AAPA Veteran Force Program

At AAPA, we appreciate the commitment of those who serve our country through military service. We will never forget the sacrifices our veterans, active troops and military families make to protect our freedom. AAPA is committed to constantly improving professionalism in the appraisal industry. Our mission is to help recruit high-caliber people—including military professionals—with diverse backgrounds and experience to become 21st century professional appraisers. The AAPA Veteran Force Program helps and encourages veterans to join the industry. We can help you learn about available opportunities for veterans.

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Appraiser Schools

AAPA maintains a registry of recommended quality appraisal schools in the United States. AAPA staff can help locate an appraisal school in your area that meets your needs and aspirations.