AAPA Home Value 101 Guide

The AAPA Home Value 101 Guide helps homeowners understand how a professional appraiser assesses and determines home values. The guide includes tips and suggestions for homeowners to consider before their professional appraiser arrives. Please complete the form below to receive your “free” guide.


What Makes a Good Appraiser?

Every appraiser is knowledgeable in their specialty craft, within their identified boundaries. They maintain good faith in their community, and produce quality valuations in accord with USPAP guidelines while maintaining high integrity within the profession. A good appraiser maintains effective time management to accommodate client interests and circumstances.


AAPA Code of Ethics

Members of the American Association of Professional Appraisers are the industry’s best appraisers—because they’re committed to advancing the integrity of the appraisal industry, and they adhere to AAPA’s Code of Ethics.


Find Your Appraiser

AAPA’s more than 12,000 professional appraisers serve the entire United States—and are here to serve you!

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