AAPA Appraisal U

AAPA’s Appraisal U is a multi-faceted education program provided to American Association of Professional Appraisers members and other appraisal professionals. Appraisal U offers professional-development opportunities, training, resources, learning-based publications, and more, all specifically tailored to meet the needs of professional appraisers and their staff.

Appraisal U courses are designed to instruct learners at all levels of the appraisal industry. Other affiliated professionals may also benefit from AAPA’s courses. Appraisal U courses—including education, certification, and continuing education—begin in Spring 2018.


AAPA On the Move

2018 Appraisal Industry Forum

The 2018 Appraisal Industry Forum will be hosted at the Capitol Hill Club in Washington D.C., September 5 – 6, 2018. On day one AAPA will bring professional appraisers together with legislative and agency leaders for discussions on common challenges facing the industry. Day two will focus on professional development. Due to the collaborative nature of this event, participation is limited to AAPA-invited guests and AAPA member participants on a first-come, first-registered basis.


Goals for the 2018 Appraisal Industry Forum:

  1. Support development of mutually beneficial relationships between AAPA’s members and HUD officials and political leaders through presentation and networking opportunities.
  2. Identify additional opportunities for collaboration between AAPA’s members and government agencies charged with governance of the appraisal industry.
  3. Collect data to support future Appraisal U initiatives, research and course development.
  4. Highlight AAPA’s accomplishments and ongoing efforts to advance professionalism in the appraisal industry.
  5. Provide professional-development and learning opportunities for appraisers to expand and grow their business.


AAPA Lunch-and-Learn Events

AAPA’s regional Lunch-and-Learn events provide opportunities for AAPA to connect with members and share leading/emerging best practices (many will provide continuing education opportunities). These events allow busy professional appraisers to network and learn while keeping their hectic schedules.


Currently Scheduled Events:

Nashville, TN – August 1, 2018
New York, NY – October 10, 2018
Los Angeles, CA – December 7, 2018
Las Vegas, NV – September 21,2018
Orlando, FL – November 15, 2018

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