Value of AAPA Membership

  • Our cause — AAPA helps appraisal professionals transform the industry through the power of excellence and collaboration.
  • Our value proposition — AAPA connects great ideas and great people to inspire leadership and achievement within the appraisal industry.
  • Our promise — AAPA provides exceptional experiences, a vibrant community, and essential tools and standards to make you and your organization more successful.
  • Our guarantee — AAPA’s goal is to provide truly exceptional offerings and service, and we won’t be happy until you are. If AAPA programs, products, or services do not fulfill our promise, we’ll create or find those that do.

AAPA Partners in Professionalism

The AAPA Partners in Professionalism program offers unique relationships and exceptional savings. AAPA Partners provide discounted goods and services to AAPA members. This relationship is special and unique. AAPA Partners share a commitment to the appraisal industry—these savings demonstrate that commitment and add value to AAPA membership. Use the link below to access a complete list of organizations recognized as AAPA Partners in Professionalism. They’ve agreed to provide special below-market or hard-to-find pricing to AAPA Members. Take advantage of these great savings!

AAPA Corporate Sponsors

AAPA’s corporate sponsors recognize the impact of professional appraisers and AAPA. Their support provides AAPA with an opportunity to increase the public’s industry awareness and to further its mission—to showcase and support efforts to enhance professionalism through the vast array of AAPA programs, content, and events.

We encourage all AAPA members to support our sponsors. Use the link below to learn about AAPA Sponsorships.

AAPA corporate sponsors demonstrate a strong commitment to our industry by supporting our efforts, programs, and activities to raise professionalism. Their support also provides valuable business-enhancing exposure to AAPA’s members. To start a conversation about becoming an AAPA corporate sponsor contact:

Advisory Board and Councils

AAPA Peer-to-Peer Network
AAPA combines thousands of appraisers and the power of communication and collaboration. Leverage the AAPA Peer-to-Peer Network to increase your personal connections (and reach) and enhance your business through powerful opportunities. The Network provides a rich, extensive resource set to help appraisers find appropriate professional-development connections. Appraisers share the best of what and who they know. The AAPA Peer-to-Peer Network is the productive, collaborative, and innovative way to grow your business, and reach more effective resources. If you seek input about your appraisal business, please email us at

Ask the Expert
Get answers to your important business-related questions with the help of AAPA Experts. Our free “Ask-the-Expert” program connects you with recognized industry experts and thought leaders through our partnership with the Biz Champions Alliance. These experts can answer questions on a wide variety of business-related topics. If you seek business information or guidance, please email us at

AAPA is the leading advocate for professional appraisers in the United States. Our mission is to defend the right of appraisers to run their businesses without undue government interference and to advance public policies that promote their success. We proudly represent thousands of members nationwide from every state. And we are the only major appraisal organization whose policies and positions are established to directly enhance professionalism in the industry, and as a voice for that professionalism. That’s what makes us credible, widely respected, and effective.

AAPA National Advisory Council
The AAPA National Advisory Council is AAPA’s executive council. It is a robust group that helps shape, inform and lead the AAPA. The Council is comprised of 58 members, one representing each state, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands, plus five at-large members. The Council operates through six working committees—professional standards, advocacy, technology, business development, outreach/communications, and community service. Members interested in serving on the Council should contact the AAPA for information.

Preserving Reputations
If an AAAP appraiser appears on a lender or agency list of unapproved appraisers or the Appraiser Quality Monitoring (AQM) list of appraisers no longer accepted by Fannie Mae, we may be able to help. Sometimes an appraiser appears on a list by mistake, or through misunderstanding, or because they failed to correct the record or properly explain all circumstances. AAPA insists that its appraisers are of the highest professional integrity, and if an appraiser appears on a list unfairly we will try to help. If your good reputation has been sullied without proper foundation, give us a call and we will lend a hand in remedying things to the best of our ability.